Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Model KN-57-AJ


Ultrasonic cleaning machine for efficient cleaning of profiled reeds


Principal Characteristics
Total care of the reeds: the KN-57-AJ ultrasonic reed cleaning system ensures maximum cleaning efficiency, while maintaining the reed dents and epoxy resin intact after many cleaning operations. The original characteristics of the reed are preserved for a longer period of time.


Simple “OneTouch” Operation Device
The “OneTouch” system has an automatic temperature and timing system, making the machine easy to use.


Quick and Efficient Cleaning
It is possible to clean two reeds perfectly in just 30 minutes.


Characteristics of the Machine
Cleaning Liquid NEO-CLEAN 40-P (Density 1.0%).


Types of Machine
190 cm Total Tank Length 2300 mm
280 cm Total Tank Length 3200 mm
360 cm Total Tank Length 3900 mm
390 cm Total Tank Length 4200 mm


Technical Specifications (for the 190 cm model)
1) Dimensions: Length 3000 mm x Width 1050 mm x Height 1200 mm
2) Electrical Capacity:
3P-3Kw x 2 (Heater), 3P-0.1Kw (Motor)
3) Water capacity: 180 litres