Automatic reed hooks

The Auto Reed Hook is a device that advances automatically across the reed, moving from one dent to the next without being removed and reinserted. Ideal for fine threads.

Available on 4 different types depending reed density with the following references:

BRH60 from 7.87 d x cm to 11.811 d x cm. / Available blade thickness : 0.45 mm. y 0.35 mm.

BRH80 from 11.811 d x cm to 15.748 d x cm / 0.35 mm. blade thickness.

BRH120 from 15.748 d x cm to 23.622 d x cm / 0.25 mm. blade thickness.

BRH150 from 27.559 d x cm to 29.52 d x cm. / 0.15 mm. blade thickness.

Standard dimensions : 168 mm. length x 13 mm. width.