Bluenix Reed cleaning liquid

Dewaxing product especially formulated to remove waxy polyethylene layers.
Excellent solvent properties on all types of metal surfaces, eliminating wax, grease and oil remains that are difficult to remove.


Physicochemical properties
– Transparent, colourless liquid.
– Density at 20ºc = 0.75 +/- 0.01 G/cc.


– Mixture of aliphatic solvents.
– Totally dissolves waxy polyethylene layers, leaving the surface shining.
– Does not attack rubber or plastic.
– Harmless product. It is not toxic for the personnel who use it.


Instructions for use
– It can be used manually or with pressure machines (e.G. Karcher). The working concentration must be between 0.5 And 2% at the nozzle outlet and the temperature 80-100ºc.
– It can be applied undiluted if used manually.