Jordi Torra speaks about DLC at CTM

Blue Reed participated in the technical seminar about DLC Coatings which took place on February 12 at the Technology Center of Manresa (CTM). The purpose of the conference was to present the characteristics of such coatings and the industrial sectors in which are being implemented, presenting their advantages and limitations in practical case studies.


The event was counting with presentations given by various users and experts from the academic field to the technological and industry sectors. The textile sector was represented by Jordi Torra from Blue Reed whom spoke about the peculiarities of the DLC coatings used in this sector.


Torra explained that the type of DLC coatings used in the textile sector are characterized by its ” high hardness, low friction coefficient, high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility,”. Due to all those characteristics the DLC coating is providing very good results in the textile sector due to the problem of abrasion and premature wear of the materials used in the production of the reeds.